Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Name Game

There are famous people, both real and fictional, whose surnames may be a complete mystery to us.  Instead, we're more likely to know them by a combination of their first name and some other descriptive word.  For example, the characters John McIntyre and John Black from the movie "M*A*S*H" are more often referred to as Trapper John and Ugly John, respectively.  Here are ten more that I came up with.  How many of the blanks can you fill without having to resort to a Google search?

1.   ________ Bill (Cody)
2.   ________ Bill (Hickok)
3.   ________ Harry (Callahan)
4.   ________ Max (Rockatansky)
5.   ________ Prudence (Farrow)
6.   ________ Steven (Van Zandt)
7.   ________ Albert (Robertson)
8.   ________ Mary (Mallon)
9.   ________ Eddie (Antar)
10. ________ George (O'Dowd)

Also, are there any others that you can add to the list?


Judy said...

I think I can get 6: #1-4 and 9& 10. I don't want to say what my answers are here, since: 1) I might be wrong, or 2) I might be right, and I'd spoil it for anyone else who's playing the game. I'll e-mail you.

Judy said...

I did know 1-4,9 & 10 and also was correct on hunches on Albert and Mary. The two I didn't know, and still don't recognize are Steven and Prudence. I thought of one more:
Richard (Penniman)

Steve said...

Great list. Here's ten more. I have some others that I left off because I considered the surname more well known (e.g. Mad Anthony Wayne); but that likely still applies to the first two below. I took creative license with #9. #10 is probably only fair for certain Hoosiers from a certain region who are of a certain age. Georges are particularly good at garnering nicknames. You had one and I have two. I had another George but it's curious, I don't think he has a last name.

1. ________ Tim (Cratchit)
2. ________ Al (Yankovic)
3. ________ Rita [actually Meta] (Davis)
4. ________ John (Creaux)
5. ________ George (Wagner)
6. ________ [Martha] Jane (Canary-Burke)
7. ________ Joe (Stilwell)
8. ________ Ali (Hassan al-Majid)
9. ________ George [Geochelone] (abingone)
10. ________ Bob (Glaze)

Steve said...

whoops. spellcheck

#9 ______ George [Geochelone] (abingdoni)